One World Orgasm


International Orgasm Day 2013

8 August 2013

15th annual!


To celebrate body energy, ecstasy, pleasure, delight…
(maybe even a little less crime/war/violence for a day!).


8 August 2013

(Fourteenth annual!)
A celebration as big as any holiday, with as much anticipation, less anxiety, and more fulfillment than waiting for Santa…
Write it in your planning calendar now!! Pass the word on to your friends


Wherever this message is heard…from Alaska to Zimbabwe (in range of alphabet and temperature)…
Where will you be?


The whole world joining together to celebrate orgasm… solo, in couples, in groups…monosexually,
bisexually, homosexually, heterosexually, transexually,
(mechanically?! – as with an “Orgasmatron” in Woody Allen’s film “Sleeper”)
Whatever the method, focusing on positive energy celebration and fun!!
What will you do?


Proclaimed by aleXander Hirka

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“Imitation is the highest form of flattery” – or – Idea Theft?!

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Eleven years ago – on 13 August 2001 – in response to my webpage announcing One World Orgasm Day,
I received an email from author Sir Arthur C. Clarke (“2001: A Space Odyssey”) in Sri Lanka.

” Dear Alex,
Beat your project on a hi-tech global scale by almost 40 years in LOVE THAT UNIVERSE – for a life-and-death reason!
Arthur Clarke “

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German “Airotic Radio” interview with aleXander hirka
* transcript/translation of interview at bottom of page


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Spread the word! Show your orgasmic pride!

Sexy and fun t-shirts, bumper-stickers, and other playful goodies,
to celebrate and spread the word
of this
14th Annual 2012 celebration!

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Web-links to help you celebrate!

What is an ORGASM?


BEAUTIFUL AGONY - The Faces of Orgasm
• facettes de la petite mort •

this is a pay site – i included it because it is excellent

there is a free preview/ad on the left side


Who wouldn’t enjoy a bit of  STICK-FIGURE PORN


Extensive information and resources on all aspects of sexuality
at Society for Human Sexuality’s SEXUALITY.ORG


Want to come over and see some etchings?


Looking to stimulate your libido but don’t know how
to find pornographic images/videos on the Internet?





Transcription/translation of radio interview (audio link above)

Off-air introduction: There are dozens of holidays across the year. Christmas Holidays, Easter Holidays, Whitsuntide Holidays. Religious ones, social ones, political ones. Not to forget “sexual holidays”. Particularly, you should keep an eye on August 8th . AIROTIC Dirk will tell you why…


One World – one Orgasm. Doesn’t sound too wrong, does it? The artist and sexual activist AleXander Hirka from Vermont, USA, has declared August 8th to be “World Orgasm Day”.

Alex Hirka: “I guess I’m the sort of person who pretty much has always supported sexually being open and, you know, I just appreciate that energy in human beings. For me it was just one way to somehow get that out there. I grew up in the 60s, so I’m pretty opposed to militarism and things like that. I had heard that when armies walk across a bridge, that they break steps, because the energy of people walking/marching together could actually break something, break a surface. So I actually thought of doing something positive on that level, what if people put out positive energy simultanoeusly.”

That’s why, since a couple of years, there’s the holiday that celebrates sex. One World Orgasm Day. A Day for everyone to join.

“When I started thinking about it – I may eventually kind of go back to it, but I left it open – was to try to actually time it. For people to get a map of the globe and figure out exactly at a certain time to try to do that. A release of energy across the planet at a certain time. You know, it has to get out there a lot more before I could try to organize something like that.”

By the way, it’s quite easy to participate: All you have to do is to plan a small or great event on Orgasm Day and send the infos to AleXander Hirka. With that, perhaps there could be a worldwide schedule around the “orgasm” phenomena. Anyway, how important could an orgasm be for a fulfilled sex life?

“Well, I mean, I focussed it on orgasm because my basic feeling around that is, that it’s about love, it’s about positive energy, it’s about a physical sharing. So I think ultimately it’s important for the body, for health. I wouldn’t wanna judge somebody on – you know – where it fits in their lives. I find it’s an important thing in my life, but certainly not as disconnected from love or from sensuality. It’s a place to focus, that’s all.”

So get out your scheduler and focus only ‘good things’ for August 8th . Here are some tips from AleXander Hirka on how you could arrange your very personal One World Orgasm Day…

“I don’t know about what they can do.. I don’t know… have some fun! If anyone’s listening and can get on the internet, there’s little bit of information there, just kind of what the idea is, in general, behind it. I would just love to see people take the time to… you know…. Just like they do for Christmas to go shopping or whatever. To maybe plan something special, to love each other, take care of each other, make each other feel good in their bodies. Make themselves feel good even if there’s nobody else around. I guess that’s about it.”